Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Explosive News!

My older sister recently got a job as a lab technician. This is a huge change for her since she has worked as a cake decorator for over 20 years at different bakeries. I knew I wanted to use this stamp set from Paper Smooches to do a fun card for her. I even borrowed some Copic markers from a friend to color the image. (That's a huge thing for me, since I'm not a fan of coloring. Unless someone else does it, of course.)

paper - Lawn Fawn - Daphne's Closet
stamps - Paper Smooches
markers - Copic
ink - Memento
brads - from stash

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  1. Such a fun card! Love his expression, like he's up to no good! Best of wishes to your sister, thanks for sharing!

  2. What an adorable card and so very perfect for the occasion.
    I do have a personal question. I have a seventeen year old daughter who is academically gifted. Quadratic Equations and Scientific theories are like reading a kindergarten book to her. She excels in music, art and theater. This girl has an amazing gift. (If I can only see more common sense and a better attitude...)
    She desires to go to culinary school and become a pastry chef. She wants to specialize in confections for people w/ food allergies. (We have a daughter who has Celiac Disease and lives Gluten-Free and my oldest has seen and KNOWS how very challenging it is for us/her on special occasions.)
    Secretly, my heart is breaking b/c I can see how AMAZING her mind is and feel that she should go into something like engineering, or a scientist of some kind. I know that people w/ brains like this can cure diseases in our lifetime. I feel that going into the culinary art field, would be giving up on an path that God has paved out for her.
    Plus, her personality is not humble and sweet. She is a bold, "tells it like it is kinda girl" She HATES any criticism (even constructive) and HATES to be bossed around. So I feel that she would be entering into an industry where you are insulted (or at least your creations are) on a daily basis. If she gives up on advanced academics for culinary, I feel that it would be EXTREMELY difficult to come back to it, if she later feel like she may have not made the best choice.
    Please know that I am in no way bashing the culinary arts. I personally desired to pursue that career myself, and may still do so. I am just thinking these things for her.
    Since your sister was in the industry for 2 decades, do you think that you can pass my question along to her and either have you reach out to me or she can directly with any thought and advice. I would appreciate it so very much.
    Thanks in advance,
    Valerie Martin

  3. Fun card! Hope your sister enjoys her new career!